Reinforce your training with the Coaching Generator

The first system to make training & learning sustainable, by combining personalized goal setting, bite sized lessons and coaching. Try the Coaching Generator today and watch your sales soar.

How It Works

The Coaching Generator System allows you to send training content to multiple people on specific dates and times you choose. This innovative system can help you keep training and employee learning sustainable. The system puts you in control of content, while providing built-in feedback, reporting and more. Get started today and your team can start receiving lessons immediately from the extensive library, easily customized to fit your training needs.

How It Works

  • Bite Sized Lessons - Lessons build upon one another, taking the participant only 4 to 6 minutes and will have a link to either a article, audio link, video link, or flash presentation link.

  • Personalized Goal Setting - Sixty percent of salespeople are more likely to hit their goals when shared with others. Lessons are delivered with specific goals and objectives with reminders to drive performance out in the field.

  • Design Your Training Program - Membership allows you to design a program specific to the needs of the sales team. In addition, each can be customized. The library of content allows you to send lessons designed to help learn the latest strategies and techniques.

  • Coaching Feedback - Research has shown that coaching can triple performance and results when training is followed by direct sales coaching. The most valuable part of the system allows you to provide feedback for all of your participants on a day-to-day basis.