Benefits of Training Generator

Let’s be honest. Most training is event based with little follow up or systems to do follow up. We send people to workshops or seminar without any methodology to help the content to become sustainable and usable. That’s where the Training Generator System comes into play. You can use this system to create content to stand on its own or support traditional training like workshops or seminars. For example, if you send people to a workshop like cold calling you could support the workshop with 14 to 21 days of follow up content to condition the employee’s mind to use the techniques taught within the workshop. In addition, if you or your employees do not have time for traditional training you can use of one of our pre-built learning tracks. You have full freedom to customize the content which is very easy to do.

Any trainer can put learning materials and activities on “auto-pilot” in regard to students receiving content. This allows for learning to become sustainable and continuous. Most training today is still in events such as workshops and seminars; whereas, the Training Generator System allows for learning to take place on a continuous basis. This allows trainers more opportunity to have their training received. The Training Generator System builds content that is automatically delivered to students challenging and reminding what is needed to be done to achieve success.

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