Features of Training Generator

Training Generator is a set of tools designed by professional trainers for professional trainers to make employee learning easy to administer. This innovative system helps create learning content that stands on its own as well as support traditional training programs like seminars & workshops. The content is pre-scheduled for a date and time of day. The system sends your pre-scheduled content and learning activities. The benefit is that you can build learning content to support people in the field and employees who attend workshops & need assistance to help sustain the training in the real world.

The Training Generator builds Learning Tracks that are pre-scheduled which will automatically be sent to participants. This allows trainers to build learning programs that help mass produce training programs while helping learning become sustainable on a consistent basis. This is The MISSING piece of the training industry.

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The Training Generator comes with many easy to use features:

  1. Ability to schedule when learning content is sent (date and time of day)
  2. Ability to create content and send to a group with one click of a button
  3. Ability send links from article directors, video links, and web presentation to further educate students
  4. Ability to send content from anywhere in the world at anytime. This is a true web-based application you can access anywhere at anytime!

Features Chart